Services / Recording

The studio here at Landen Park Studio is geared towards voiceover, audiobooks and other spoken word production projects, including podcast recording and interviews, and has a dry, natural acoustic.   The floor area is just under 10 square metres.

There are eight lines, useable as any combination of microphone or cue feeds, and we have a growing selection of microphones to suit different needs.

There’s a large monitor in the studio which can show timecoded video for sync recording. We also have USB3 plumbed from the control room computer into the studio.  This allows keyboards (including our Kawai CN35) to send MIDI to Pro Tools.

There’s a fully automated record lamp, showing record-ready (or pre-roll if desired) and record states.

You can find a more detailed description here:

Suitable Projects

As well as single-voice work such as audiobooks and voiceover, we can handle multi-voice work.  Three people is a practical limit, given the space, but we did get four in once…

We occasionally record music.  This tends to be single musicians recording an overdub such as a vocal part or and instrument over an existing track.  If you’re thinking of coming here for music, please read this:

The studio at Landen Park Studio is not suitable for ensemble recording – there just isn’t the space.  I take such clients to other studios.  However, we can record almost any kind of solo or overdub (though probably not drums), and there’s space for two musicians to play together.

A typical example of the kind of music work we do here is to record a vocal or solo instrument over an existing backing track.  If you need something bigger than this, please get in touch anyway – we can use another venue.