Laura Hamilton – Back Again

Lovely Laura Hamilton was back at Landen Park Studio today, recording more episodes of Channel 4’s A Place In The Sun, squeezed into the middle of a six-day read by Clive Hayward for a book we’re producing for Gideon Saint.

This is Laura’s second visit to the studio, and we’ll be seeing her again in January.

Working with series producer Sarah Brooks of Freeform Productions (joining the session via Zoom), we worked through three ‘What Happened Next’ compilations and a new episode.


Lutenist Sam Brown at Landen Park Studio

Sam Brown, lutenist, at Landen Park Studio

Professional Lutenist Sam Brown came in to Landen Park Studio recently to record John Dowland’s Lord Strang’s March, along with a few ‘stings’.

We made a simple recording using a XY pair of Rode N5 microphones, with a Rode NTK valve mic further back to add a little colour.

This recording will be used over the Titles and End Credits of an audiobook – Mary Florida by Lindsey Erith.  This is a romance set during the English Civil War and the author requested the piece.  Clive Heyward is narrating the book, with Justin Hill directing and post-producing.

Voiceover Session with Romesh Ranganathan

Romesh Ranganathan at Landen Park Studio 14/2/20203

We had great fun this week hosting a voiceover session with Romesh Ranganathan (who lives near us, it turns out).

Actually, it was two sessions back to back.  The first was a voiceover session for BBC Studios, reading for a children’s TV animation which will transmit around Easter.

The second was Romesh’s voiceover for the final part of A League Of Their Own: Road Trip for Sky Television, produced by CPL Productions.  This voiceover session was done to picture – which always adds an extra layer of terror – and will transmit on 16/2/2023.

Both these sessions included remote producer contributions via Zoom, integrated into the cue system.

A relaxing time with Jessica Porter

Just completed the last of three really fun sessions with silver-tongued Canadian actress Jessica Porter – who’s also a certified hypnotherapist.

We’ve been recording meditations for the Sleep Wave podcast series, designed to help you relax and get a good night’s rest.  Fascinating stuff requiring close attention and concentration to deal with very quiet, veeeeery sloooow, readings…  Loved it.

(Yet) Another little private job…

Pip Burley has been back in the studio with another song…  This time, the vocalist was Aoife Kenny.

Pip and I built up the arrangement during April, and brought in the truly wonderful Emma McPhilemy to perform a sax part.  Subsequently, our rough bass line was replaced for us by towering bass talent Phil Mulford.

A good time was had by all, and Pip was very pleased with the resulting mix.

Another little private job…

Landen Park Studio’s inaugural session was performed by Ian Hoare and took place on 11th and 12th August.  The live room wasn’t finished, the door didn’t shut properly, none of the fabric covers had been fitted, there was building work going on just down the road and the temperature was in the mid 30s – but all went swimmingly well.  Ian Hoare (Lettuceheads) gave a typically smooth performance singing a short piece composed by Pip Burley to lyrics by Bob Justice.  Apart from Ian, everything was virtual (Ivory for the piano, and multiple tracks of East West Hollywood Strings Gold)