Kerry Lynne’s Pirate Captain Making Waves on Audible

Pirate Captain – Chronicles Of A Legend is a novel series by Kerry Lynne.  The first volume, Nor Silver, is now available on Audible as a full-cast audio drama.

The project started just as the Pandemic hit, and so much of the dialogue and narration (which was recorded at Temple Music Studio and directed by Neil Rosser) was done in disconnected ‘chunks’ as and when cast members were available.  Meanwhile, original music was written by composer Michael Vickerage without access to the script or any of the dialogue recordings.

The raw Pro Tools sessions from Temple were sent to Landen Park Studio, along with Michael’s music cues.  What followed was months of patient detective work, locating and exporting some 15,000 lines from dozens of hours of partly-documented recordings made over a 12 month period.

Once this process was completed, editing and post-production of this epic 23-hour drama was carried out by Justin Hill.

Initial reactions to the finished work have been very positive, with positive reviews appearing within days of release.

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