Lindsey Erith’s Mary Florida on Audible

Lindsey Erith’s Mary Florida – an English Civil War-set historical romance – is now available on Audible.

Narrated beautifully by Clive Hayward, Mary Florida introduces a new kind of Hero – the forthright and quietly-spoken 17th century royalist officer facing defeat, espionage and threats against his life whilst he pursues the woman of his dreams, Mary Florida.  The audiobook was directed by Justin Hill.

Clive Hayward at Landen Park Studio
Clive Hayward narrated Mary Florida at Landen Park Studio

The audiobook features lute music performed by Sam Brown, recorded here at Landen Park Studio.  The main theme was a John Dowland piece.  Under Justin Hill’s direction, Sam also recorded a set of original ‘stings’ which were used at the start and end of chapters.

Sam Brown, lutenist, at Landen Park Studio
Sam Brown recorded John Dowland’s Lord Strang’s March and some original music for Mary Florida

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